Micce nasce nel gennaio 2021 e promuove le arti performative con sguardo transfemminista, accessibile e plurale. L’associazione si occupa di realizzare attività legate agli ambiti dell’arte in genere, della formazione, della socialità, della partecipazione e cittadinanza attiva. Pone un’attenzione particolare alla necessità di accesso, equità di opportunità, rappresentanza e rappresentazione delle persone strutturalmente meno avvantaggiate.
Dal 2024 Micce è parte di IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts.

Micce, which means Sparks in Italian, was born in 2021 out of a desire to propose a vision of art intertwined with social issues. Micce is made up of all-female team of women artists and designers who believe in the importance of art as a tool for activism, participation and building a social and cultural vision. A group of women artists and activists come together to create an association that has members from five different countries within it. Micce is concerned with carrying out activities related to the world of performing arts, education, sociality, and active citizenship with an accessible and plural transfeminist approach. This vision focuses on an artistic action that produces change in those involved and an artistic practice that is the construction of a horizontal network of experiences where various performance languages and political visions meet.
Since 2024 Micce is a member of IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts.