Statue in Movimento per l’equità di Genere

Erasmus+, Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices, Small-scale partnerships in youth



The aim is to fight the development of stereotypes and gender discrimination starting from the observation of the statuary of European cities. To raise the awareness of young people on gender equality issues, through a socio-educational approach employing the artistic language. To produce a replicable model for the creation of workshops for girls/boys on the topic of gender equality tailored on their needs that emerged from the discussion between them and the youth workers.


a joint staff meeting in Bologna designed for youth workers to share knowledge and methodologies between the two associations involved in the project
– a non-formal education workshop with young people facilitated by ROES on the theme of gender equality and the co-creation of an artistic performance
– a handbook enabling other youth workers to work on gender equality through a non-formal and participatory methodology starting from the observation of statuary


The project result is the increased awareness of young people with fewer opportunities on the topic of gender stereotypes and gender equality through the dissemination of the MuST GEn approach. This result will be achieved through the realisation of the joint staff meeting and the pilot workshop as well as through a wide dissemination of the MuST GEn handbook to a network of associations and private actors (youth workers).

Illustration and graphic Francesca Andalò

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